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A little About Us

RAPEC as a church was founded in the year 1998 and the journey has been full of many trials, tests, and testimonies. The Lord has kept His church standing, not minding all the many issues arising and diverse battles from the kingdom of darkness.

Our Mission

To proclaim the Rapture and Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To prepare souls for the Rapture and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

About our General Overseer

Considering my unworthiness, and incapability among other factors, I refused the call of God at the initial stage He called me. After I eventually accepted the call, I earnestly desired to go to a Bible school...

Inspiring Books From Mummy G.O

Reading Christian books is a journey of faith and discovery. Find out what God’s word has to say and enrich your life with spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

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