BIBLE STUDY 1/08/2023

TOPIC: Awake and Be Strong
TEXT: Isa. 51:7-14

We live in a society of weak humans who are easily deceived and captured. There are many lies and heresies going on against the Christian faith. The fallen are on assignment to destroy humans to lead them against God, and they are called the Anunnaki (evil spirits, demons, fallen angels). They have descended to the earth in human form and are polluting the mind of those who listen to them. Their representatives are on social media, spreading different lies and blasphemies. Their lies and manipulations are very technical and it takes the genuine Holy Spirit and discernment to know their tricks. They might utter seven logical biblical truths but add three lies that can lead to self-destruction and hell.

Lies Spread By The Fallen
1. They say the Annunakis created man and things on earth, especially the black race (which is the most powerful).
2. The say Jesus and Satan are the same personality but have many names such as Yacob, Yeshua, Zeus, etc.
3. They say time is not real but an illusion.
4. They claim Jesus is also fallen creature who came to deceive humans to follow him with strange teachings.
5. They say God is jealous of their power on earth because they are more influential than him among humans and he is angry and waging war against them. They believe Yacob created different species of human beings to serve him.

What Does God Say? Isa. 51:7-14; I John 2:22; I Tim. 1:18; 6:12; II Tim. 1:13; Jude 1:15
1. Don’t be carried away by lies, deceit, reproach and insult of blasphemers, II Pet. 2:1,10
2. All true believers should remain strong in their faith and obey the true word of God
3. Ignore their lies, heresies and blasphemy but watch and pray, Mk 13:3; Rev. 3:2
4. Defend the true gospel no matter the cost even at death, Jude 1:3-4
5. God has not changed and His fierce judgment will shake the every humans and fallen. Heb. 10:30; Deut. 32:35.

The fallen are working for the kingdom of the antichrist and trying to cause racial war between humans, so that the beast can bring in fake peace and establish his rule. He is still going to blaspheme other religions but he is speaking lies to weaken the strongest religion on earth that can overpower him. He is recruiting blasphemers into this kingdom. Many believers have fallen for his manipulation and lies, do not join them. Be on the alert, be strong and guard your salvation. The name of Jesus is a threat against the world that is why the fallen are afraid and attacking the name of Jesus to weaken our faith, cause confusion in the body of Christ, so that they can get access into the lives of believers and uproot them from the path of truth. Don’t fall for their evil tactics and deception.

Prayer Points
1. God, take away every pollution in me that will incite me to fight against you.
2. Flush out every pollution in my soul that will make me captured by the antichrist.
3. O God, rescue me from demonic capture and antichrist cage; please save my soul.
5. O God I am not complete, recreate me to what you want physically and spiritually.
7. O God, chain as many demons assigned to drag my soul to hell.

Central Truth
Don’t fall for the deception of the fallen. Now is the time to “Awake and Be Strong.”