Bible Study

TOPIC: Check Yourself and Get It Right.

TEXT: John 2:17; Rev. 2:1-4: Jude 17-22; II Cor 13:5

What can you see around you? You can see the Church and Christians falling away from the path of righteousness. Heresies, wrong doctrines, ungodly Christian dressing, betrayal, atrocities, discouragements, and gross iniquity. But what about your sins and errors? Are you blind to see that your passion, zeal, and love for God and His Church are dying in you? Don’t live your life in hypocrisy like the Pharisees. You are the only problem on your journey to heaven. What makes you think you can live your life by your plans and purpose? Do you think you own your life? The greatest power you have that you will regret in hell is your breathing. That you are still breathing is an opportunity for you to make serious corrections and defeat the flesh, the devil, and hell. You never know what will happen next. Go to the spiritual lab and check yourself, that you are praying, fasting, having visions and revelations, etc. do not mean you are spiritual and rapturable.

Things That Destroy First Love
1. The Flesh: Many have been injected with the Luciferian gene. There is increased doubt, blasphemy, lies, laziness, greed, lust and sexual immorality, hypocrisy, secret sins, etc.
2. Debts: Borrowing shows a lack of faith in the abundance of power and provision of God.
3. Arrogance: Many Christians now manage God instead of God directing them.
4. Anger: Many have rage and anger, and it has driven away the Holy Spirit from them.
5. Fear: Fear of insults and persecution has stopped many from preaching and speaking the truth.
6. Neglecting rebuke and correction: Many hate correction, rebuke, and discipline.
7. Lack of love: Believers have lost their love and zeal for the kingdom of God.
8. Indiscipline: Talking too much, gossiping, backbiting, grumbling, complaining, hatred, quarreling, etc.
9. Prayerless and wordless: Many have lost the power of prayer, fasting, and the word.
10. Pretence and hypocrisy: People pretend to be prayerful, godly, and spiritual when they are not.
11. Too busy for God’s attention: Many are so occupied with activities, work, family, etc.
As a result of all these iniquities, many believers have been spiritually injured, sick, powerless, and lifeless.

Return Back To Your First Love: Rev. 2:1-4; Gal. 6:9; I Cor. 15:58
Believers have lost their first love, zeal, and passion for God. We have betrayed the king and God is angry. Why did we stop the good things or attitudes God loves? It is better not to start a good thing than to start and stop. The day you stop a good thing, the devil resumes with bad things. Your first love is the best God is requesting. Return to all the good things you have neglected. Rebuild your relationship with God and make every correction. Return to godliness, fear of God, and constant self-examination if you are on the righteous path.

How To Get It Right
1. Get yourself a spiritual timetable (for prayer and serious Bible Study); and follow it strictly.
2. Get committed to the things of God, and say ‘no’ to procrastination.
3. Return to the divine assignments you abandoned in the House of God.
4. Save a soul, pull sinners from hell, and deliver someone, even when you also need deliverance.

Prayer Points
1) God! Restore my first love.
2) Lord, re-employ me back to my assignment.
3) God, please strengthen and give me the grace and power to do more than ever before.
4) Blood of Jesus, flush out the Luciferian gene from my soul, spirit, and body.

Central Truth
Return to your first love, first zeal, and first passion for God. Awake from the dust and get yourself right before God.
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