BIBLE STUDY 4/07/2023

TOPIC: Don’t Miss Your Flight

TEXT: Matt. 10:17-25; John 16:1-2

It is time for those who belong to Jesus to drink from His cup. He was persecuted, reviled, blasphemed, beaten and nailed to the Cross and killed. Just as the disciple is not greater than the master, genuine Christians will surely go through tribulation and great tribulation.

Jesus Forewarns (Matt. 10:17-25; John 2:24-25)
1) Beware of men.
2) We will be beaten, persecuted and arrested, even killed in the Church.
3) We will be presented before rulers and people of the world, as criminals – law-breakers – for our stand for righteousness.
4) We should not try to defend ourselves by our speech or plan what to say. The Holy Spirit will give us utterance when needed.
5) Our family members, friends and neighbours will hand us over to government officials to be arrested and prosecuted.
6) We shall be hated by all men for the sake of Jesus.
7) We should flee from one place to another preaching, and when we are captured; we should not deny Jesus.

Gathering Strength To Withstand Tribulation
1) If idol worshippers can die for their gods, be determined to die for the sake of Jesus.
2) Do not expect any miracle of deliverance but God of miracle wants to produce a miracle by you standing for Christ till death. God of power wants to see your power – ability to endure till the end. God of love wants to see your love for Him.
3) Stop standing by the strength of someone but stand out and others will stand by you.
4) Flee from worldliness. The world is in your hands in the form of your smartphone/andriod. Be disciplined to give more time to your Bible and prayers, the jealous God is watching you.
5) Settle all scores with God and make restitution with everyone before it is too late.
6) Build a cordial relationship with God.
7) Pray always for strength to pass through the tribulation.

The Lord wants you to stand strong in the tribulation. Do not compromise the faith or submit to the antichrist by denying Jesus. Die for Christ, your death is your fight. Do not miss it by denying Jesus as an option to live. Accept the fight whenever it comes, like the apostles did. Prepare for your flight (death in the Lord), which is your entry into your glorious home in heaven. If you refuse to die for Christ like an hero, death will later catch up with you and take you into eternal doom.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, give me the strength of the mighty, in Jesus name, Amen.
2) Lord, give the grace to overcome demonic trap of the endtime, in Jesus name, Amen.
3) Lord, give me the heart that does not argue with you in Jesus name, Amen.
4) Place the mark of protection upon me and my house in Jesus name, Amen.

Central Truth
The moment you are captured, that is your rapture, don’t miss your flight.