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TOPIC: Who Will Harvest You?

TEXT: Jeremiah 8:20; Matthew 13:25-29

The earth is about to be harvested. God is the owner of the vineyard, and Angels who are the harvesters have been waiting for the owner’s command. Genuine born-again saints are good seeds to be harvested. Yet many are not ready. The heretic message and false orientation on Christian doctrines and the wrong concept about being born-again have produced numerous false Christians.

Beware Of Social Media

The Kingdom of Darkness is seriously evangelizing Lucifer through social media. He is being promoted and painted as a good personality, fighting for the freedom of mankind from the bondage of God’s laws. Several of our youths, teenagers, and children are already falling into the trap of these demonic lectures. Social media is a very fast platform they are using to reach out to the world, gaining several souls these days. Who will deliver baby Christians and our children from being captured by these demonic doctrines? You need a genuine Holy Spirit, equipped with the Word of God and extra watchfulness to escape the trappy schemes there. (1Cor. 10:12, Gal. 5:16)

Beware Of Satanic Soul Winners

There is a new sect of Christians making several disciples nowadays. They are capturing many innocent believers, who love the truth. The devil has discovered that some people are now beginning to get fed up with motivational, breakthrough preachers. He has therefore raised this sect of Christians to deceive lovers of the truth. They don’t run churches but fellowship centers, they allow you to go to your church but when you keep up with their teachings, you will then see the need to stop going to your church. They teach the truth but tactically mixed it with lies. They use several Scriptures to back up each point.

The following are some of the errors in their teachings:

√ They say Jesus has fasted and prayed for us, so there is no need for us to engage in long prayers or in fasting. (Luke 18:1, Mark 9:29)

√ They don’t enforce teaching on worldly adornment but allow people to make their personal decision on it. (Rom. 12:1, Jer. 4:30, Deut. 7:25-26, Gen. 35:1-4,1Thes. 4:7)

√ They say paying tithes and offerings in church is wrong, they don’t support the church system. (Num18:24, Gen.14:2, Mal. 3:8-10, Luke 11:42)

√ They say the ultimate goal of a Christian is not heaven. 

At a stage in their teaching, they ask their disciples to go PLANT A TREE in the eastern part of Nigeria where they have their campground. 

√ They have different names as fellowship centers. 

√ They never support or agree with the women’s ministry, and have used this point to deceive several people, even some RAPEC members who have left RAPEC to join them. But women’s ministry is supported and approved in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments (Judges 4:4-9, Gal. 3:28, Rom. 8:14, John 1:12, Joel 2:28, Luke 2:36-38, Rom. 16:27.) They misinterpret I Tim. 2:11-12 to mean that a woman should not minister or hold any leadership position in the church. Meanwhile, Apostle Paul clearly states that it is his own personal decision that women should be silent in the church. He does not call it the Lord’s instruction. Apostle Paul asks women to be silent in the church because it was reported to him that women in the Corinthian church were making noises and causing disorders in the Church, so he asked them to learn in silence. If the Lord does not support women’s ministry, He will not endow them with spiritual gifts.

Whose Harvest Are You?

You will be harvested by the person you obey. If you are obeying God by being holy, you will be harvested by God, and if you are obeying the devil by living in sin, you will be harvested by the devil. God will harvest His people to heaven and Satan will harvest his own people to the Lake of Fire. Who will harvest you?


Everything You Call Problem Is To Distract Your Attention From Being Focused on Heaven. Prepare To Be Harvested by God.

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