Topic: Don’t Be Deceived

Text: Matthew 24: 3-15; 22:14

The year 2023 is complicated, while some people will appreciate God for good things, others will count several losses. People will see God in different ways this year. It is a year that will confirm where you stand with God, upright or forward, Psalm 18:25-26. God will journey with some people to punish and destroy them and He will journey with others to bless and preserve them. If you know you are not standing right with God, change your position before He visits because this is the year of His visitation. He will visit some people to heal and elevate them while He will visit some to destroy them. This is a year that everybody will need God seriously. Things will happen, and everyone will be forced to cry to God but not all will be acceptable.

The Acceptable People, Matt 22:14; Rom. 12:1

Many are called but few are chosen. Why are few chosen? He chooses the acceptable few. Many are capable and many others are available. God uses both the available and capable here on earth. But when it comes to making heaven, God selects the acceptable. To be acceptable, you have to escape the deception of the last days.

Beware of deception, Matt 24: 3-15

  1. The first sign of the last days Jesus mentioned is deception. He has already forewarned humanity. So, there is no excuse on the Day of Judgment. 
  2. The world hates Jesus and mocks Him daily in this awkward generation. Then how come the whole world celebrates Christmas? If Christmas is truly for Jesus, the whole world would never celebrate Him.   
  3. Before the birth of Christ, the evil energy on earth was 90%. When Jesus came, it began to reduce. After He shed His Blood, it reduced to 40%. When the Apostles took over, they made great use of the blood of Christ by which they cut across territories and continents. The evil energy was reduced to 10% and Christianity spread across the earth. It became very popular and was growing faster than all other religions. But when counterfeit ministers infiltrated the church and took over leadership. Christianity began to lose taste and bad energy regained strength and it has become alarmingly high these days. Therefore, beware of counterfeit ministers.
  4. Serve the God of the Holy Bible, praise the God of the Holy Bible; but not the God of any minister still alive in this generation, whose God and whose end you do not know. Though you may trust them, nevertheless, you do not know their end, so beware.

Scientific Occultism 

  1. Before people searched the Bible to get answers to their questions but this generation asks Google everything, so beware. 
  2. Beware of science, as science is worldwide occultism, full of darkness, and supernatural, beyond this age. Science is a personality of devilish wisdom and destructive craftiness. That is why it is coded in a web, James 3:15.
  3. You cannot manage Jesus with worldliness. This year is not for merriment but to come out from among them before destruction comes like in the days of Noah and Sodom. II Cor. 6:17.
  4. The Gospel is not free. It takes your life and gives you eternal salvation. It takes away what you like and desire, so beware of the counterfeit gospel that gives you the freedom to do as you, please.

Central Truth

If you cannot recognize the Jesus of the Bible, then flee from any other Jesus presented to you.

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