TOPIC: What Are You Fighting, Death or Hell?

TEXT: Hebrew 13:5-6

Almost everyone wants to make Heaven, but nobody is ready to die. There are only two transport means to Heaven, which are by Death or By Rapture. No one wants to go to Hell, due to the everlasting agony and torture there. However; people are busy fighting death, instead of Hell that will swallow both the devil, death, and everyone that walks against God. Anyone busy fighting death is a loser because we must die one day. As Lucifer is a personality; Hell is also a personality. Every enemy or problem you have today is employed by Hell because they are employed to push you to sin. This is the time to die to flesh, surrender everything to God, and live a righteous life. To overcome Hell and embrace death to glory. Because death is not our enemy but our transporter to glory.

2023 is going to be a strange year. If God determines to preserve you, it may be because there is something He still wants you to do or see. Don’t prepare for a new year, but prepare to overcome the worst in Holiness. Many may get married, buy cars build houses, and so on. but many will go down and never rise forever.

Some Facts About Hell.

1. Hell is so powerful, that it uses anything or anyone to push you to sin

2. Everything in life takes time, even death takes a few seconds. But Hell, that takes forever.

3. Hell is willing to swallow everything, everyone, and no escape from Hell. fight it.

4. Hell can give its victim anything, to destroy him/her forever.

5. Hell, never go silent. The torture, pains, and agony make its occupant shout and cry always.

A Time Is Coming. (2Tim.3:1-7, 2Thes. 2:1-3, Matt. 24:25)

√ When someone will put food on fire, a strange personality will appear to turn it or eat it physically.

√ When towns and cities will become horrifying because demons will walk physically on the streets.

√ When many will forsake Christ, and receive the mark of the beast because they don’t want to suffer or lose their jobs.

√ Evil acts, such as sex in the street, killing, transgender, and homosexual, will become normal acts.

√ When God will only protect those that belong to Him

√ When people would want to stop every sinful act and make necessary restitution but will be too late (Matt. 25:13)

√ When only those who prepare for the worst will die as a hero because blood will flow and many wasted

√ When they will kill people in the name of serving their God (Jihad)

√ When many churches are burnt and the worshippers killed

√ When they will imprison and torture true believer 

√ When there will be a great apostasy (backsliding) (2Tim.3:1-7)

How To Fight Hell.* (Matt. 11:12)

1) Repent of every sinful way (Isaiah 1:18, Zeph. 1:14-18)

2) Be conscious and flee from every appearance of sin

3) Be careful of what you say, what you do, what you watch

4) Fight and overcome every weakness or bad attitude

5) Make every restitution and forgive every offender

6) Owe no man and live to please God daily.

Jesus is coming very soon. His coming will rescue and glorify some, while many will weep and regret, because of sinful acts. The kingdom of darkness is deceiving the world, that Jesus is not coming, but they know that He is coming. Prepare your tongue, your brain, and your heart for Christ’s coming.


If You Can Overcome Sin, You Will Defeat Hell

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