TOPIC: Don’t Die Like A Wicked Man

TEXT: Eze. 33:1-11, 33:20.

The world is now practicing a high level of wickedness and gross iniquity. This is invoking the wrath of God over the earth and its inhabitants. This is why God is sending the watchmen (gospel preachers & genuine Christians) with a warning message, that calls for repentance, for people not to die in their state of sin or wickedness.

Who Is Your Watchman?

1. Genuine ministers of God (Jer. 23:4, I Cor. 4:1-2)

2. True believers filled with Holy Spirit (I Cor. 2:15)

Anyone God uses or sent to you, to warn you or instruct you, is your watchman.

How Do You Take Your Watchman?

Many people often despise or overlook their watchmen. This has destroyed many people by making them a victim of God’s wrath, giving the enemy access to merchandise and people’s destinies. Jesus gave many divine instructions, written in the Bible. He came to save souls, yet they despised Him and took no heed to His instructions and teachings. Immediately after Jesus died, they realized the value of all His instructions but it was too late for many. 

√ If you overlook the instruction of the watchman, you will be trapped in your ignorance.

√ If you disobey the watchman, you will eventually end up under God’s wrath.

How Do You Identify The Watchman?*

People do not know who their watchman is, how to know them, and when God is using a watchman to guide them. Therefore, you need to get the genuine Holy Spirit to identify the watchmen.

1. They say the truth “raw” without adding or removing, not minding what they face or lose.

2. They do not pamper their disciples or followers.

3. They discipline offenders to avert God’s wrath.4. They do not preach or say anything to please man but to please God and declare His Mind.

5. All their messages, counsels, and mindsets are to return men to God, prepare men for heaven, and escape God’s wrath over the sinners. 

Consider this message as another voice of a watchman. Have you given your life to Christ? Has Jesus collected it from you? If yes, then where is the acknowledgment letter, which is “The joy of salvation”? Every worldly thing you achieve in life is ordinary dust and will end up in dust. It will be a sad story if you later end in hellfire, just because of a particular sinful act, after you have done many sacrifices, faced many things, and supported the church and the work of God. (I Cor.15:56, Rev. 2:5, Rom. 8:6). 

It is time to define your stand with God and return to God. Don’t die like a wicked man, because there is time for everything under the sun. 

Central Truth

Return To God Now Before It’s Too Late So That You Will Not Die As A Wicked Man.

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