TOPIC: Change Your Plan.   

TEXT: Rev. 9:15, 16: 12-15.

The present world is on the verge of ending. The enemies of mankind “The fallen angels” are drastically preparing for the eradication and destruction of humans all over the world. These evil personalities are people in authority, owners of media platforms, and producers of most things eaten or used by humans. It has been a long-time strategic plan to control, pollute and capture all humans to Hell.

 Everything happening presently in the world is the sign of the end-time prophecies, prophesied in the Holy Bible. Many are just ignorant of what is happening and what is planned by the antichrist to happen in a few days ahead of us. Only those connected to God will understand and make their way right with God before it’s too late. The Bible is not just a religious book but a divine truth and solution to everything. 

Alarming Prophecies From Ministers Of God And Even Astrologers, About What Will Happen From the Year 2023 Upward. Such as: 

1) There will be war in many nations.

2) Destruction of places and empires.

3) There will be great depopulation (via death, medical means, etc.)

4) Huge financial crisis.

5) Migration of people from one place to another due to crisis.

6) Worsening climate crisis (Many will die due to diseases and disasters).

7) Artificial intelligence will be used to replace humans. (Many will lose their jobs)

8) Famine and inflation.

9) Total economic collapse etc.

Look! This is not a time to be busy pretending to be a child of God or claiming heaven why your ways are leading you to Hell. Any wise one will not be busy planning for any future now, rather; will make sure that come what may, his/her soul will escape Hell. Change all your plan now. Let your utmost plan be to make heaven or die gloriously. This is not a joke but the raw truth.

THE TIME IS HERE (Eccl. 3:1-8)

√ When they will kill people in the name of serving their God (Religious fanatics).

√ When many churches are burnt and the worshippers killed.

√ When Christianity will be banned and believers imprisoned & tortured.

√ Time of great apostasy (backsliding) (2 Tim.3:1-7).

√ When many will forsake Christ, and receive the mark of the beast because they don’t want to suffer or lose their jobs.

√ Time God will only protect those that belong to Him.

√ Time to do God’s will and die gloriously or do your sinful desire to die wasted.

√ Time to round up your divine assignment before it’s too late.

√ Time to stop every sinful act and make necessary restitution that may cause to die wasted.

√ Time to be holy and prepare yourself as a living sacrifice for God (Rom.12:1-2).

√ Time to prepare for the worst and die as a hero because blood will flow.

God often sends warning to people before the outpouring of His wrath, desiring genuine repentance but many who refuses to repent and correct the needful; will be cleared away with His enemies. What are you waiting for? Stop joking with the last hope of saving grace. 

What To Do Now (Isaiah 1:18, Zeph. 1:14-18)

√ Repent of every sinful way.

√ Settle yourself with God.

√ Make every restitution.

√ Forgive every offender. 

√ Flee from every appearance of sin.

√ Pay all your debts (Owe no man). 

√ Live to please God daily and live ready for death & rapture.


Change All Your Plans Now And Return To God In Holiness. To Escape Hell And The Evil Days Ahead.

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