TOPIC: The Hour Of The Last Battle

TEXT: Rev. 13:1-10

There is currently a great battle against the human race, especially against Christians. The anti-Christ kingdom has a long time ago been waging spiritual war against our race and they are now coming out physically to reveal themselves, and their plans and deceiving many to Hell through scientific inventions, medical products, deceitful knowledge of doom on social media. 

The beast from the sea spoken of, in Revelation 13, is now out; speaking many blasphemies against God. He does not appear with his horrible, dragons look because, if he does so people will be terrified and will never accept or believe him. He also has the power to speak through many people, whom he has deceived to believe that there is no God, especially His agents. They are massively on social media platforms especially Tiktok digging out facts they have mixed with lies. 

Operations of “The Beast” From the Sea (Rev13:1,2)

1. Blaspheming God (Rev.13:6)

2. He tells people to wake up and be free from Christianity, which they call religious bondage. 

3. Trying to make people disbelieve the existence of God By saying there is no God. 

4. Proving that God is wicked and that He is the cause of our problems. 

5. They question God’s love by saying if He loves us, He will not send us to hell. 

6. He also deceitfully makes people believe the devil is a nice person to be worshipped and that God is not to be worshipped. 

7. He uses “Fluoride” to control humans and to destroy the willpower of man (The ability to choose right or do the right thing). Fluoride is usually in toothpaste, sachet water, bottled water, etc. 

7. He has trapped 99% of people in the world and he wants to use 4% of his trapped puppets, who are celebrities and politicians, to hinder the remaining 1% (The genuine, born-again Christians who are aware of his tricks). 

The Aims Of The Beast* (1Pet. 5:8, John 10:10, 2Thess. 2:10-12, Rom. 1:22, 28, Psa. 9:17)

1. To trap innocent and ignorant children, teenagers, Youth, adults, Christians, and non-Christians deception.

2. To frustrate Christians until they turn away from Christ

3. To raise anti-Christ soldiers, who will fight God at Armageddon (Rev. 16:13-16)

4. To push humanity against God, for God to forsake and destroy all humans in Hell like them.

5. To raise satanic worshippers and Satanic disciples. 

How To Overcome And Escape The Beast

1. You must genuinely repent of all your sins and be born-gain.

2. Get genuine Holy Spirit and be ready to die for Christ in holiness.

3. Be contented with godliness, study your Bible always, pray always, and live a daily righteous life.

4. Do not follow worldly trends, kill your passion and love for the world.

Who will save our children from the poisonous knowledge of doom from this beast? Many of our children even stylishly hate God already and desire to be free from what they call the bondage of holiness, just to satisfy their sinful desires. Many innocents are also busy looking for knowledge and they can be trapped (Dan. 12:4).


There Is A Battle Against Your Faith To Push You Against God And Rob You Of Your Eternal Life. Will You Be A Victim Or Fight To Overcome?

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