Bible Study


Topic: Time To Settle With God

Text: II Corinth. 4:3-4

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers not to understand the true message. The controller of the world is now the Internet, especially the social media. Many Christians love the world but the world hates the God. Why then should you, as a child of God, love the world? Be sincere with your relationship with God because nothing is going to be better. Settle with the Lord so that you do not lose your eternity. The kingdom of darkness is not joking. Idol worship is now becoming a social universal trend, even the kingdom of the antichrist is no longer patiently waiting for the Rapture, they want to take over the world. Settle with God, forsake every sin that hinders your spiritual growth, and force yourself to live in righteousness, Matt. 11:12, Luke 16:16. 

The major problem we have in Christianity is the foolish Christians. They serve God blindly and ignorantly. If you are a genuine child of God, the world hates you because you are different. Only a fool regrets being different in holiness, John 15:19. Fools regret their pain and suffering for Christ, but the wise rejoices. Do not be deceived, for the time of persecution and suffering is at hand. 

Hindrances To Settling With God

1) The devil will bombard you with more problems to distract you from godly perfection.

2) Debts, loans, and borrowing.

3) Friends and colleagues will say, ‘It doesn’t matter’.

4) Thinking that God understands your weakness (what you call a mistake, error or weakness is a sin in God’s record).

5) Worldly fun, enjoyment, and pleasure, Rom. 12:1-2, I John 2:15.

Steps For Godly Relationship With God- (Matt. 22:37, Gal. 6:7-8, Rom. 8:13)

√ Restitution and repentance, Rev. 3:3 

√ Seek the genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:1-3

Speaking the truth always, I Peter 3:10

√ The message of the cross and self-denial is hard; obedience to God has great reward, Mark 8:34.

√ Take every risk necessary to please God, obedience is a risk. Acts 5:29.

√ Avoid every pleasure, blessing, and freedom which hinder you from living in holiness, I Tim. 5:6

√ Read your Bible to learn righteousness; don’t let anyone stop you from doing what is right, and if you do not know what is right, study your Bible diligently, II Tim 2:15.

√ Avoid everyone hindering your spiritual growth; make sure you are growing in righteousness and holiness, this time around grow in prayer, Bible study, evangelism, self-discipline, love of God, etc. II Peter 3:18

√ Don’t be misled by ignorant ministers of God, develop a sound relationship with Christ. 

√ Avoid all forms of worldly corruption and pollution, I Cor. 6:9 

√ Live in contentment not in debt and borrowing, I Tim. 6:6, Ps 37:16; Pr 15:16; 16:8; Heb 13:5.

Prayer Points

1) God, set me free from all demonic bondage that chains me in habitual sin.

2) God reminds me of every careless sin which I do not see as a sin and give me the grace to make the correction.

3) Every known and unknown covenant of hell and doom in charge of my life; evil covenant made through food, any product, clothes, evil cut, incision, herbal medicine, drugs, and concoction, etc. be broken by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Central Truth:

Make every necessary correction; force and discipline yourself to settle your life with God.

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