TOPIC: Beware Of Voices Pt 1

TEXT: John 10: 1-14

Everyone on earth has a desire, plan, and a particular pursuit but whether you believe it or not, there is always an influencing spiritual voice speaking to your heart, from people, demons, satanic agents, false ministers, and through the challenges you encounter daily. These voices prompt people’s daily desires, choices, decisions, and pursuits. 

The reason why many claim to serve God but are not known by God and the reason many die daily in hellfire is that they came to serve God or came to Jesus without entering through the right door which is Jesus “ The Way, The Truth & The Life of God”. Instead because of their wrong mindset and wrong desire, they came through the window, some jumped in through the fence by hearing the voice of “It doesn’t matter preachers, miracle and breakthrough preachers”. This is why we have many churches yet iniquity is increasing, Christians without evidence of Christ-like, and why we can’t differentiate many so-called Christians from a prostitute or hooligans.

 Immoral words, ungodly videos and songs, ungodly social or TV programs, seductive and sexy fashion/dressing which shows “cleavage, laps, and sexual organs”, hate speech, ungodly advice, bad experiences, etc. Vendors of strange Voices. 

The question here now is; which voice is driving your daily life; is it the voice of God or the devil (demons)? 


√ Adam & Eve fell by forsaking the voice of God to obey the voice of the serpent (Gen. 3:1-14)

√ Cain became a killer and was cursed by obeying the voice of Jealousy & hatred. (Gen. 4: 4-12)

√ Amnon slept with her blood sister by listening to the voice of his deceptive friend called Jonadab. (2Sam. 13:1-15)

√ The young prophet was killed by a lion for forsaking the “voice of the Lord” and following the deceptive voice of the senior prophet who lied to Him. 1King 13:14-24)

√ Jesus Christ overcame the devil by refusing the captivating necessity offered to Him by the devil. (Matt. 4: 1-11)

√ Solomon and Samson failed their divine assignment by yielding to the voice of strange women. (1 Kings 11: 1-4, Judg. 16:4)

Evil thoughts are like offers or counsel from demons. The moment you accept and store them in your heart, you become their slave and instrument of ungodliness and sinful practices (1 Cor. 10:12).

BEWARE OF VOICES (John 10: 7-12)

√ That reduces the standard of holiness to allow you to serve God the way you want. (2Tim.2:19)

√ That comes to counter the original truth of righteousness to give ways for worldliness. (1Thess. 4:7)

√ That allows you to dress sexy, and crazy and permits you to use pieces of jewelry. (Gen. 35:1-5, Rom. 1:22-32, Deut. 7:25-26)

√ That tells you it is well even when you are dining in the well of iniquity. 

√ That tells you to lie or use other sinful acts because you want to fight for God or to serve God.

√ That makes you believe holiness & righteousness is bondage.

√ That encourages you to postpone your repentance or to commit sin in other to confess later.

√ That makes you believe except you get involved in a sinful practice, you cannot prosper.

√ That makes you indulge in sinful practices and make you believe that you can’t die unexpectedly.

√ That arose immoral desires, to get you involved in immoral acts or ungodly relationships. (Rev. 21:27)

These strange voices have stolen away the fear of God from the heart of people, caused many to be addicted to sin, and serve God against His biblical standard. They are in the church but not in the Lord, they claim heaven but later end in Hell. Jesus Christ is an example of a good shepherd, the sheep hear the voice of the good shepherd and follow Him. 

CENTRAL TRUTH: The Voice Of Whom You Obey, Will Determine What You Will Become And Where You Will End. Beware!

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