TOPIC: Beware Of Voices (PT 2)

TEXT: John 10: 1-14

Voices are speaking to people daily, leading people into a pursuit, to make choices, take decisions and react to their daily encounters. It is very important to hear and recognize the voice of God because many have been misled by strange voices and they end up operating under deceptive influence. Many heard a voice of call into ministry, not knowing it is a voice of demons or satanic agents. 

These strange voices also use many mediums such as Immoral words, ungodly videos, and songs, ungodly social or TV programs, seductive and sexy fashion/dressing which shows “cleavage, laps, and sexual organs”, arrows of evil thought, hate speech, ungodly advice, bad experiences, etc. to speak to peoples heart accepted, the person is subjected to influentially obey the desire of the voice. Which voice is calling you? Which voice is behind your actions? Which voice is leading you?


1. VOICE OF GOD* (The Father): The voice of God the Father thundereth and announces His glory. He speaks like many glasses of water. (Matt. 3:17, Psa. 29:3-9, Exo. 19: 9-20, Rev. 14:2, Rev. 11:12, John 12:27)

Signs To Recognize The Voice Of God

(Rev. 1:1, 10, Exo. 3:1-4) He Speaks to Man From behind because His Voice is powerful & Thunderous.

He will introduce Himself (Such: I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, I Am that I Am, etc.

He will rebuke you for sin and calls you by your name without adding any title.

He will return you to Holiness & The word of God.

2. VOICE OF JESUS (The Son):* (Act.22: 9-10, 23:11) When Jesus speaks, you will hear it inside of you, it is an inner voice to your inner man, as a shepherd leading the sheep aright. His voice is gentle. You won’t hear it physically but inwardly. Jesus speaks to people every day. 

3 .VOICE OF Holy Spirit:* (1 Kings 9: 9-12) It is still a small voice, calm and gentle. It is an inner witness that doesn’t speak anyhow or long. You need to be in high spiritual voltage to hear from Him. The voice of God the Father, the Son & Holy Spirit are spiritual voices and it takes a spiritual person, who has a spiritual ear to hear them.

4. VOICE OF ANGEL: (Gen. 21:14-19, Matt. 1:18-21, 

Judges 6:11-12. 

Angels are spiritual beings but they can appear and speak physically & spiritually. They speak for God the Father, Son (Jesus) & Holy Spirit. They will introduce & honor who sent them. 

5. VOICE OF DEMON:* (Matt. 4: 1-11). They speak for themselves. They speak to give way to fleshy desires and push people against God’s word. 

6. VOICE OF MAN:* These are the voice of people around you that is capable to influence you against the will of God.


√ You need to be genuinely Born Again.

√ You need to be spiritual

√ You need to avoid watching or hearing ungodly music or videos.

People hardly hear the voice of God the Father & Holy Spirit because it takes a person with high spiritual voltage to hear them. Jesus is the good shepherd that bears the weakness of man and comes to speak to people in their hearts. It is advisable to say the Lord spoke to me when you don’t know the specific person among the Godhead that spoke to you, to avoid sin. 

CENTRAL TRUTH: Be Holy And Always Check The Voice That Prompts Your Daily Activities In Accordance To God’s Word, To Avoid Being Misled.

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