Topic: Beware of New Knowledge

Text: Rev. 22:7-21, 2Cor. 11:4-6

Our Lord Jesus Christ promised He is coming soon, however; His coming seems delayed to people but it is very close. It is sad to discover that the people He is coming for are not ready, many have been deceived by false preachers, and so-called Fathers-in-the-Lord has derailed from the faith. Many are now working for the devil and teaching heresies. One of the weapons the kingdom of darkness is using to capture souls is deception, through false ministers, scientific inventions, social media, false internet write-ups, books written by the fallen (demons), perverse knowledge, etc.

Beware of New Knowledge Today

1. No God: Demon incarnates are out there, using social media and writing books with erroneous facts, that there is no God. This has trapped many people searching for knowledge, and have turned many to atheist (Psa. 9:17).

2. Yeshua: This is the name the Jewish people call Jesus. It is now a trending teaching that people everywhere should be using “Yeshua” instead of “Jesus”. They may have facts but “Jesus” is the only name given for our salvation and victory (Phil. 2:9-11).

3. No Hellfire: Some are out there teaching that “No Hellfire”, makes people live perverse in diverse sins and wickedness (Rev. 20:14, Rev. 21:8, Lk 16:19-26).

4. Sabbath: The teaching that people must go back to worship God on Saturday has caused contention among believers. Don’t forget Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, who came to correct the needful in the era of grace. (Col. 2:16)

5. Jewish calendar: Some go about telling people to return to the Jewish calendar, creating a notion that anything done using the normal calendar is not acceptable. 

6. God as She: Some are out there saying we should be using “She” for God. There is even another version of the Bible called the “Queen Jane Bible” As opposed to the King James version.

7. Learning Hebrew: Some preachers are out there, saying Hebrew should be learned by all believers and often be used to pray, call on God, and sing praise to God. That it is more acceptable than another language. Mind you, God created every language and understands all.

8. It doesn’t matter: Many believers have been trapped with the erroneous teachings of “It doesn’t matter; what you do to make money, what you wear, what you do in secret, etc. that God looks on your heart or, that God only wants us to love our neighbor. It has caused many to be in the church but far from God, claiming heaven but running to hell (Rom. 12: 1-2, Mk 7:15, Eccl. 12:14).

9. No life after death: Some books are written by the fallen (demons) and they have video clips telling people that there is nothing like life after death. That once anyone dies, all is gone. This is an error.

Beware of …

1. Teachings that break yokes without holiness

2. Teachings that bless you but deny you the truth

3. Teachings that make you happy but keep you in sin

4. Teachings that pamper you for your destruction

5. Teachings that motivate you for worldly pursuit instead of preparing you for heaven

6. Teachings that reveal to you but will not expose your sinful life. 

There is a need to personally study the Bible to know God’s will, get a genuine Holy Spirit and have a personal relationship with God. Because there is much perverse knowledge everywhere today, if you come in contact with them and you don’t delete and forsake them, you are gone! They come with erroneous facts that can delete the truth in you, delete your right conscience, and mislead you. Beware of new teachings! They have turned many into atheists and misled many to Hell. Don’t forget how you started and the truth you have known. Don’t allow the erosion of deceitful new knowledge in these modern days to sweep you away.

CENTRAL TRUTH: For Many Shall Come In Deceptive Facts, And Shall Deceive Many. Beware Of New Knowledge!

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