Topic: The End of Time

Text: Rev. 22:1-16; Matt. 24: 3-5

We are at the end of time. The latter part of the time is when all things will come to an end, even the riches and glory of the world; all these things are about to expire. But the question is, what will be your excuse? All the years and time you think you have to yourself, what have you done with it? For all the years you think you have to yourself, only one year, one month, one day, one hour, and one second; is what you have to yourself. The moment you close your eyes in death, whatever you see on the other side of the river is your eternal fate. Think about your life after death, where will your soul end up? Will you find rest in the kingdom of God or in hell, a place prepared for the devil? 

Don’t be deceived, Matt. 24:4-5; Judges 14:1-2; Jonah 1:1-3

Anytime a man commits sin or goes the wrong way, he has already been defeated by sin. Sin is not your friend but your enemy that wants to take your soul down to hell. So, flee from every appearance of evil (sins). The Lord said that many shall be deceived. The deception that sin is harmless is one of the greatest weapons demons are using to lure many to hell. Are you sure you are not being deceived? Heb. 3:13. Surely, a sinner cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

Examine the following:

1. How do I wisely manage my time? Psm 90:12.

2. Does my life reflect God’s righteousness? Rev. 22:12-15

3. Am I constantly conscious of my day of death or the Rapture? Pro. 27:1

4. Am I prepared to meet God in case I die at any time? Luke 12:16-21

5. Am I ruling over sin/flesh or is the flesh/sin ruling over me? Rom. 6:14

6. How would I give an account of my life if I were to stand before God? Rom. 14:12 

Get ready

Get yourself fully prepared for the Rapture for there is no more time. Stop wasting the little time you have left on things that will soon come to an end. Prepare yourself for the kingdom of God now. Follow after righteousness and return to the way of holiness, which is the true way of life. Don’t allow the devil and sin to accomplish their demonic mission over your life.

Central truth:

Get prepared for the Rapture or your death, we are at the end of time.

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