TOPIC: Long Time Story Is Now Coming Through

TEXT: II Thess. 2:1-3

The event of the Rapture and the happenings preceding it was formerly like a long-time story; but now, it is coming through. Mysterious things have been happening recently and it has become a normal happening in these last days. The Bible has specifically revealed all end-time happenings. They are now happening before our own very eyes. This calls for us to examine our stand with God. We need genuine repentance and a perfect walk with God. The day and time of the Rapture may be sudden. No one knows when, but how it will happen and the events preceding it, are no more sudden. Because the announcement for it and the preparation for it has been from a long time ago. The Rapture is to take away the few righteous ones on earth, before the judgment of the world and the doom of sinners.

The world elites, satanic followers, and all animals are preparing to welcome their Master “The Beast”. Yet, many are still ignorant that the kingdom of darkness is fully ready and impatient to gather forces against God. Have you noticed recently or watched on social media, where different types of animals; are matching round in a perfect circle? It is a sign of preparation to welcome “The Beast”. The dark kingdom is preparing its world dominance and massive control, from the year 2023. The year 2023 is far from anything good, as many wicked and evil happenings programmed by the anti-God and anti-Christ kingdom, will surface against humanity from 2023. This is not the time to live carelessly but lives holy daily as if you will die today, so settle with God and owe no man. 


Before now, when people hear that Jesus is coming soon, they flee from every appearance of sin and repent; but today; even the revelation of hell or the Rapture hardly moves people.

· Before now, when the coming of Christ is not near, people prepare ahead and get ready; but now that His Coming is here; you hardly find anyone ready.

· The Church is now following the world, relaxed, sleeping, and ignorant of the works and plans of the enemies against the souls of men, even at this dangerous last minute.

· Almost everything (foods & utilities) is programmed to pollute and destroy humanity. Instead of people forcing themselves to pray; they lazily accept the defeat and become dead.

· Before now, believers were ready to sacrifice, overcome and face anything for the sake of making heaven; but now people only want to enjoy blessings from God and they are not ready to face or forsake anything for heaven’s sake. 


· Killing of Christians who refuse to receive the mark of the beast or follow the corrupt worldly system.

· The compromised Christians and the enemies among Christians shall be used or paid to capture the true Christians.

· Hardship and great torture

– No matter what you suffer here or what you face for the sake of Christ; just manage to overcome, because there is great glory, mansions, peace, and everlasting joy awaiting you in heaven; Rev. 3:5, 2:26

– Nothing on earth can be compared to the glory in heaven, therefore, don’t be tempted to lie, steal, or commit sin because you want to get the glory of this world, Rev. 2:17

· People will begin to behave like animals, and things will get harder and worse, II Tim. 3:1-5

It is too late to get distracted or confused by what you face, what you hear people say or see around you. Consider the enjoyment in heaven and the everlasting damnation of losing heaven, so let the Bible be your limit and guide to heaven.



The Coming Of Christ Is No More A Story, It Is Now At His Appearance. Are You Saved Or Lost?

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