TOPIC: Fight For Your Soul

TEXT: Revelation 13:7


Every human created by God has a soul. It should be guarded away from sin and pollution because it will return to God to give account. Many are physically healthy but their soul is sick spiritually. Some wear a suit or fine cloth but are naked spiritually. It is too late to protect your body whose desire is always against your soul. If you want to protect your body, you put your soul in danger. Your body (Mr. Flesh) is your first enemy. Everything your soul hates your body likes it. Jesus died and made a huge sacrifice to grant freedom to our souls, not freedom to continue in sin. 

Prepare To Overcome (Rev. 20:4, Col. 1:19-23, Rev. 21:4-8)

The world is gathering together, making a serious preparation for an event – Antichrist Reign. But the church is scattering; she is losing her power in sin and disunity. The beast will be given the power to overcome the saints as prophesied (Rev. 13:7). They are coming for everyone on the side of light, they want to take over the whole earth. They do not want anything that will introduce light. This is why Christianity will soon be eradicated from the surface of the earth. Rescue your soul, get the dress code for your soul – Holiness. You need to consider your lifestyle and decisions because nobody can send you to Hell without your permission. Make sure your soul/spirit is alive (Holiness) before they kill you. Do not struggle with them. But if your soul is dead (Sin) before they kill you, Hell is sure. It is time to fight for your soul. 

Do Not Lose Your Soul

√ Do not lose your soul because of any relationship with anybody (husband, wife, children, etc.). There is no such thing as heaven or Hell. (Matt. 10:37)

√ The people you think are special to you and you do not want them to suffer, very soon you will discover you are all alone. Fight for nobody but for your soul. You own nobody. (Matt. 10:36)

√ If your soul has legs, it would have run away. Your soul wants to escape from the wrath of God over unrepented sinners.

√ Death is working in cooperation with darkness and hell. It is addicted to hell. Fight for your soul, stop being careless about your soul because whether you like it or not, you will soon sacrifice your flesh to death. (Rev. 20:11-15)

√ Many disobey God because of death. Death is coming for everyone. Overcome sin to overcome death.

√ God loves, cares, and needs a friend but death does not love, care or have friends. Death is death and it has no feelings for anybody.

√ Many souls that die these days are being hijacked by demons, if you die without an escort angel, your soul is in danger.

Listen To Your Soul

Someone is crying in you – your soul – please listen to him. Someone is recording you. The person recording you is not beside you but inside you – that is your soul – he can never lie to God; He records all you do. He will never miss a second of your life. 

1) Your soul can foresee what is about to happen. It wants to escape but you are moving close to hell.

2) Your soul is crying for help but you are crying for money.

3) Your soul has no cloth, house, etc. The only friend he needs is the Holy Spirit, yet you deny him of the Holy Spirit.

Helping/Rescuing Your Soul 

1. Stop deceiving yourself to be born again when you are far from it. Sincerely repent and live a holy life.

2. Obey the word of God. It is to rescue your soul. The strength, power, and salvation of your soul, is in the hand of God.

3. Pray always. Prayer takes your soul closer to God. 

Prayer Points

1) Every secret code or language that the kingdom of darkness uses to access my life, oh Lord let that code lose power in Jesus’ name.

2) For Every demonic registration /signature/ acceptance form, I have filled in the dream, the fire of the Holy Ghost destroys it.

3) Oh God, fight for my soul, as you fought for the soul of Moses.

Prayer Assignment: 

God save my soul. (Pray it until it is confirmed) 6 am. – noon fasting and prayer, for as many days as possible.


Your Soul Does Not Want To Go To Hell, So Fight For Your Soul.