TOPIC: Go Back To God In Humility

TEXT: Matthew 15: 21-28

The journey to Heaven is for those who carry the mark or the seal of Christ. The Canaanite woman in our text called on Jesus but instead of being given attention, Jesus ignored her. On pestering Christ, Jesus hit the nail on the head by telling the woman that He cannot give the children’s bread to dogs. This statement describes the true spiritual state of the woman. Though she earlier addressed Christ by the title, Son of David, she was not given attention because she has no link or connection to that throne, only the children of Israel have a right to it. The Gentile (cursed) blood that runs through her veins denies her the privilege of the daughters of Zion.

The same is applicable to several Christians today. They call on the name of Jesus and address God by several titles yet they are not recognized by God, as He does not speak to them directly. He sends his ministers to them or other believers to them.

A. The Importance Of Relationship With God. (Matt. 15:21-22)

The missionaries that were killed in Africa were murdered by people from our lineages. This is a barrier to so many Christians from receiving the Holy Spirit or making heaven. Yes! Jesus came to redeem us back to God (II Cor. 5:17-20) by His blood that blots out the ordinances written against us (Gal. 3:13; Col.2:14); And the blessing of redemption gives us access to God (Rom. 5:1-2; 1 John 1:3), but the day you committed sin after giving your life to Christ, those curses can be restored. This has made many Christians to be out of their relationship with God. Living a life far away from sin makes you maintain your freedom. 

Seek to have sound communication with God. Not having smooth communication with God is a very great problem. All problems or challenges end at death but the challenge of not communicating with God continues after death, as it takes one to hell. 

B. Seek God With Humility (Matt. 15:27; Zeph. 2:3)

Ø God answers the prayer of the humble. (James 4:6-7). 

Ø Not everyone has the right to command in the place of prayer, know your level in the Lord. Do not command God in prayers as modern preachers teach people to pray. Beg God in prayers. Only sons have the right to command. Where is your seal of sonship? 

Ø Your speaking in tongues does not mean you are recognized by God. If you are not yet recognized as a son or daughter of God, your speaking in tongues is a waste of time.

Ø If you keep on looking for someone who will help you talk to God, you will never enter into the grace of hearing from God.

Ø Not every Christian will make heaven. Put aside your confidence and make research on who you are.

Ø The Canaanite woman believed in Jesus but that did not make her a daughter of Zion. Many believe in Jesus yet they are not children of God. The seal of the Holy Ghost is what makes you a son or daughter of God. Do you have the genuine Holy Ghost in you?

 C. Reasons You Must Go Back To Humility

Only by humility can you obtain mercy. (Phil. 2: 3-9); God honors the prayer of the humble (Matt. 15: 28, Phil. 2: 8-11); To escape the danger coming forth upon the world (Rev. 6: 1-17); To obtain the mercy of God. (Rom. 10: 12-13)

 Prayer Points:

· Any curse in my blood wasting my prayers and sacrifice, the blood of Jesus wipes it away.

· Have mercy on me oh God. Let me be among the people you will seal and adopt as your own.

· Every evil tongue cursing me or assigned to curse me, be consumed by fire in Jesus’ name.

· God, whosoever has been chosen by darkness to work against me or destroy me, be arrested and be snatched the person by fire.



Return To God In Humility To Obtain Mercy For Salvation

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