TOPIC: Endure a little more for your crown

TEXT: 2Pet 3:3-7


The days we are in are terrible. Souls-hunters are out to capture everyone. They are not out for your money but your soul, the days are becoming harder, and the Christian journey is getting tougher. Endure a little more for your crown because everything will soon come to an end. Though it will be more painful, endure more for your crown.


Scoffers of the last days

· Scoffers are soul-hunters, they mock God and Christians to make them lose faith in the scriptures so that they can capture their souls to hell.

· Aliens are scoffers; they want to arouse the human race against the creator, which is why they are making blasphemies about the existence and supremacy of God. Do not believe the blasphemies going on, on social media.

· Scoffers offer new knowledge to deceive people. This is injury time, beware of new knowledge. If you are too inquisitive these days, you will be swept off your feet by demonic knowledge


Scheme of the soul-hunters

1. Activities of soul-hunters (scoffers, demonic, and their human agents) tend to make you lose your crown.

2. Their delegates are in all churches.

3. They are busy shooting ministers of God arrows so that they can make them misbehave

4. They expose the misbehavior/weakness of ministers of God for their members to see, thereby killing the energy of faith and trust the members have in their pastors.

5. When members lose faith and trust in their pastors, their prayers become unanswered, and the members then decide to go to another church, which is often the church of soul hunters (demonic pastors).

6. Soul-hunters also rob children of God of their spiritual gifts so that everybody in church will be useless to help one another.

7. Soul-hunters (kingdom of darkness) also arrange demonic wives for ministers of God. It is to rob the ministers of God of their spiritual power and anointing so that the church can scatter.

8. Soul-hunters speak with the potency of the venom of the serpent in their tongue, beware don’t give them attention.


Safeguard your soul

· Keep your soul safe by not listening to scoffers or soul-hunters.

· Soul-hunters are coming to tell you the words of the Bible are not true, do not mind them holding the bible in high esteem, and don’t lose respect for it when they tell you it has been edited.

· Be a fool, for Christ, only the fool will put up the crown

· Even when the frustration becomes harder, do not compromise, endure for your crown.

· Holiness will be harder, faithfulness will be harder, endure for your crown.

· Pray for the lost souls so that your soul will not be lost.

Central Truth: Watch out for soul-hunters so you won’t lose your soul to them

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