25/ 10 / 2022



TEXT: JOHN 14: 23-24, 15:16.

Many claim they are in a relationship with God, not knowing that they are just a fan of Jesus. Many are only fans of Jesus because they like Jesus’ miracles, blessings, healing, deliverance, and teachings. Fans can like and enjoy their hero but only true intimate friends will love and obey their hero. Who is this God to you? Where is God in your life? How did you show your love to God? You cannot claim to love God without the fear of God and the fear of losing Him. If you love God, obedience to Him is the answer, and no obedience without the fear of God. Are You sure there is love in your relationship? Praying to God, going to church regularly, and evangelizing do not show your love. The only way to prove that we love God is to obey His commandment. (Titus. 1:16, I Sam. 15:22)

              WHY YOU NEED TO LOVE GOD

God created the earth and humans in it to love and worship Him, but the earth lost its virtue and man lost his place before God, due to the sin of disobedience. Then God decided to destroy the earth with the humans in it, but Jesus pleaded to the Father to give Him just a few days, to come and die for our sins and give us grace of repentance and love for God. He also taught us steps and requirements to return to God; so that through Him, we can escape the coming destructive wrath of God. God can show you the reason why you should love Him but He will not force you to love Him.

1. God was ready to destroy the polluted world, but Jesus pleaded for a little time.

2. If you want to make heaven; Jesus is the way (The truth) and the key to opening the door is “Obedience”.

3. God who destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah, the world of Noah, leaving only Noah and his family; can destroy the whole world again and no man can question Him. 

4. To love Him and make heaven is for your good and to avoid hell.

                  SIGNS TO KNOW YOU DON’T LOVE GOD

1. Going to church for a miracle and breakthrough instead of the salvation of your soul

2. Seeking prophets here and there, instead of the kingdom of God

3 Preaching or hearing the truth but not practicing or obeying it

4. Preferring churches where they preach what you like, allow you to do what you like and dress how you like

5. You enjoy watching season films, stay long hours online but feel bored in church, hate to read the Bible or pray

6. When you are bold and happy over worldly things but always shy when it comes to evangelism 

7. When you can hold and press your phone anywhere but you are shy to hold your Bible confidently, read it, or pray anywhere.

8. When you are always looking for how to skip or escape any spiritual exercise to satisfy your fleshy desire.

9. When you don’t mind going to church late or missing spiritual exercise just to watch a movie or attend a worldly activity.

Love is best expressed when practiced. Jesus loves us and that is why He died for our sins. How can you say you love God when you can’t forsake what He hates? Many only do what they do because they need God to bless and protect them. God is seeking true lovers, so as rescue them from Hell. He will also showcase His glory and power on them.


If You Truly Love God And Want To Make Heaven; Prove It By Your Total Obedience To Him

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