TOPIC: The Church Has Failed.

TEXT: Jeremiah 23:1-2, 9-12.

 It is a very painful thing when a Christian fast and prays, and yet things go worst. It is a terrible thing when you place your hope in God and you are disappointed. Our youth see no reason to serve our God; they see the church as a scam. All these are happening because the church has failed. Church has failed God and the nation. Our God is therefore angry with us; His glory and honor have departed from us. Our enemies, therefore, mock us, as our youth are returning to the idols. 

                         Causes Of The Failure Of The Church

· Church of today is selfish in prayer. Everybody wants a personal solution (As they majorly pray for their problem) which is why there is no general solution.

· When no man is kneeling (Praying) all who are standing will fall.

· In the church of old, members in the church are the fence that secured their pastors but today church members want pastors that carry fire or anointing to solve their problems. Nobody cares to pray for pastors. Therefore, pastors are falling and polluting the church, perpetrating several shameful acts.

· Teachers and preachers were the ones who taught the olden day church how to pray, to maintain the power of the holy spirit, and to live holy but today’s church ignores bible teachers and exalt motivational speakers.

· The control of the church is not in the administrative office but in the office of prayer warriors. Miracles in the olden day’s churches were not in the anointing of the pastor but in the prayer warriors. Every member of the church was a prayer warrior then.

                    When Do We Need Revival 

1. When the church has become a ground of entertainment.

2. When a gospel music minister competes and compares himself with secular musicians.

3. When the altar of God is used for comedy.

4. When a successful minister of gospel is measured by how financially rich, he is, instead of how much spiritual impact he is making.

5. When passion for lost souls has been replaced with a fashion parade in the Church.

6. When motivating speaking has replaced raw biblical preaching.

7. When you really cannot differentiate between a daughter of Zion and a harlot.

8. When pastors kill each other to be posted to big branches and for positions.

9. When modern preachers now telling us that Jesus is not coming soon.

10. When painting, attachment, and pieces of jewelry have replaced the beauty of God’s glory.

11. When sexual sin is referred to as weakness and the grace of God is taken for granted.

12. When the church does not know the difference between witchcraft spirit and Holy Spirit.

13. When the quest to fill the seats in our place of worship has become a priority; and raising of funds, instead of raising of disciples of Jesus.

14. When sinners feel comfortable in our churches and saints feel no sense of urgency to preach the good news to the lost soul.

15. When pastors are more concerned about how much members give than how much members truly love the Lord.

16. When the word of God is scarce and the fire on the altar is going out, the priest has become blind, the watchmen sleeping, and holiness is no longer our standard.

We need a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit; we are tired of speaking in tongues and not living Christ-like. There is no other desire that we have than to hear again the same voice that spoke in the valley of dry bones, to bring us back to life. Our nations are in darkness, yet we claim we are the light. We do not need motivational speakers or noise but an awakening revival coupled with genuine repentance and a changed life.

CENTRAL TRUTH: Consider Where You Have Failed God And Return To God For Revival Before It Is Too Late.

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