Bible Study 


Topic: Are You A Child Of God?              

Text: Matt. 15:24

According to our text, Jesus said that He came for the lost sheep of Israel. He came for what was His but was lost. Likewise, God has sent several preachers to His lost children (sinners) but to no avail, as they have refused to repent, be transformed, and be adopted into His Kingdom. Jesus also says, ‘His sheep knows Him and hear His voice,’ John 10:4. Are you part of His sheep? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then when last did He speak to you?

Don’t Be Deceived

1. The church of today tells you what God can do but fails to teach you what God requires from you.

2. The greatest scam is when you claim to be a child of God but do not have the Spirit of God in you.

3. The Rapture is not for a Christian but for a true child of God, and what makes you a child of God is the genuine Spirit of God in you. 

4. Changing church or pastor cannot help you, change yourself.

5. The primary reason for the creation and establishment of churches is to prepare souls for the Rapture.


Adoption into God’s Family, Col. 1:13-14

1. Total repentance

2. Deliverance from Satanic covenants and bondage 

3. Entire sanctification and holy living, to qualify you as a vessel unto honor, II Tim. 2:19

4. Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 


The Signs of Sonship, Rom. 8:14-17

1. The Holy Spirit in the believer is the sign of sonship and this is what qualifies you for the Rapture. Strive harder to get and retain the genuine Holy Spirit in your life. He is your connection to God and that is what makes you special.

2. Total obedience to the word of God. If you are a son of God, you will fear – reverence Him by total obedience.  

Central Truth

Strive to make yourself approved unto God, II Tim. 2:15


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