By Pastor Dan.


TOPIC: Power Of Connection

TEXT: Matt. 7: 7, 14.

 The only way to fulfil destiny and enjoy God is to have the right connection with Him. Man lost the divine connection by sin at the garden of Eden but Jesus came to restore it. Jesus is the only true way in connecting to God The father. Anyone who cut of from Jesus will be cut off from God. Having connection with God is very important if you must worship and serve God in the spirit. Our heart links us to God through Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit. God communicates with those with pure heart. This is why you have to guide your eyes and heart from the pollution of the world to avoid losing your connection with God. The devil knows that when a man has connection to God His evil works and plan will be exposed and defeated. So he makes every effort never to allow anyone get the right connection to God. (Psalm 15, Prov. 4:23)

Types Of Connection

  • Divine connection – happens between a saint to God
  • Demonic connection – with demons & darkness
  • Celestial connection – the fallen “demons”
  • Worldly connection – with worldly things & people
  • Satanic connection – With Satan via satanic offers.

 Many are ignorantly connected and working with demons and strange personalities, when pursuing to attain worldly desire or settle some life challenge. Many do not get connected to strange personalities or demonic altars only by visiting a fetish priest (Baba-lawo) but from demonic churches with false practices or under satanic foundation.

 How People Get Disconnected From God

  1. When you allow ungodly thought in your heart you are not connected with God.
  2. When you disobey God’s instruction Or Committing Sin.
  3. Allowing peoples weakness, what you hear and what is happening around you, to make you misbehave.
  4. Each time you act and manifest the works of the flesh. (Rom. 1:29, Gal. 5:22-23)
  5. By patronizing false prophets and fetish priest. (Baba-lawo)
  6. Allowing yourself to be distracted when performing any spiritual activity. I.e Prayer, Bible Study.

How To Get Connected With God (Psalm 15)

  • Believe In Jesus And Forsake Your Sinful Ways
  • Through hearty prayer, praises and studying of the bible.
  • Living a holy and righteous life
  • Receiving genuine Holy spirit
  • Having a pure heart

 Many are in the church or known to be a Christian but are not always seen or recognized by God. Not because God is blind but because their heart is not given to God to practically believe in Jesus and they are not ready to live a holy life. Anyone not connected to God through Jesus must be connected to the devil and his kingdom because, there is no vacuum to be in a neutral ground. It is either you strive to be for God and remain in Him via Holiness or live carelessly in sin to be a tool and puppet of the devil. (Matt. 6:24)


Return To God In Holiness And Stay Connected, For It Is The Power To Overcome The World And Be Rapturable.