Bible Study 25/7/2023

Topic: Awake And Pray

Text: Luke 22: 39 – 46

In the olden days, the church (believers) is usually called in Yoruba language “Ijo aladura” Meaning the gathering of prayerful believers. This is because prayer is the lifestyle and logo of the church of old. What has the church become today and what are they called now? What we see today is; miracle church, prosperity church, aim high church etc.. these are far from the reason for the church. The church is suppose to be a light (Prayerful and Holy people) to the world. The church is sleeping and dead spiritually. This has made many who are suppose to have direct access to God through prayer to be the prophet of themselves, now become a regular customer to false prophets due to a dead prayer life. Stop deceiving yourself and return back to the altar of rigorous prayer. (Luke 18:1, Matt. 5:1)

Church (Believers) Where Are You? (Jer. 15:6-7)
1) You no longer care about getting connected to God which is the only way of true worship/fellowship and to receive from God.
2) You are felling boring in the presence of God and you can’t concentrate in the service.
3) You find it hard to seriously pray from your heart or enjoy praying but you are lively with social media and worldly entertainments.
4) You cannot personally pray for 3hrs or more at a stretch.
5) Covenant time of prayer and daily personal mid-night prayer is deleted from your time table.

Do You Have Jesus? (John 10:14, Titus 1:16)
Instead of people having good communication with Jesus, what they have is prophets, papa, pastor etc. When you don’t have connection or communication with Jesus, if your pastor falls, you fall. A time is coming that everyone even pastors will be on the run. Strive to get connected directly to God before it is too late. The falling away is already here, many are fallen by pollution and deception of this age. As a result, Christianity is drastically reducing in quality. However; few authentic Christians are enough to rule the world. When Jesus was on earth His basic instruction to His followers is to preach the gospel, pray (regular communication with God) and watch (Your lifestyle before and after prayer).

Prevailing In Prayer (Act. 4:23-31, Act 12:5, Act 16:25-26)
Prayer is a necessity for every believer who must fulfil destiny, escape initiation into satanic kingdom and the various Antichrist traps at this end-time. Therefore; prevailing in prayer should be our earnest desire. (Luke 22:46, James 5:15-16)
1. Abstaining from all appearance of sin
2. Pray with a good mind, not in hatred, bitterness, murmuring or commanding God to do it by force.
3. Pray in the will and desire of God: Interceding for others, prayers for heaven’s sake for eternal values, praying for church leaders, praying for spiritual revival, praying against forces and power fighting Christianity and opposing truth & holiness, etc…(Luke 22:31-32)

Many are falling, many are dead spiritually, many are being initiated, the church is now patterned with the world, the kingdom of darkness is reigning and has captured many because the man of prayer is missing. The altar of prayer has become a sleeping bed and a place for demonic activity. Awake and forcefully return to the altar of prayer before things go worse beyond repair. (Jer. 33:3, Jer. 32:27)

Prayer Points
1) Everything that makes me too heavy to perform spiritual exercise, get out by fire.
2) Everything that makes my spiritual sacrifice unacceptable, blood of Jesus purge it away.
3) Every iniquity in me that denies me of my spiritual rights, blood of Jesus Christ wash it away.
4) God, give me generator power of prayer that can cause fire everywhere.
5) Take me to power house, o God of Pentecost and empower me.
6) Inner authority that controls the planet, Lord give unto me.
7) God place your royal seal on me.
8) Power that give warning by death, oh God give unto me.

Central Truth
Awake From Your Spiritual Slumber And Return To The Altar Of Prayer, To Correct Your Today And Overcome The Dangers Ahead.