TOPIC: The Truth Is That You Are Not Ready.

TEXT: Matt. 25: 1-13

Jesus is coming, whether you are ready or not, He is coming. On that day, the saints shall recover all their loss. The joy on that day will not be general. It is only for those who are ready for Jesus, while many will cry on that day. Many will cry, and there will be no one to tell them sorry. Hypocritical believers will cry on that day, even when they know several verses of the Bible. Christians who think they are better than prostitutes but still indulge in one secret sin or the other will regret it.

The knowledge of good and evil is increasing as prophesied, the kind of spirit in you will determine your fate. AI (Aliens Intelligence) is everywhere constructing problems for humanity. They came earlier in Genesis to teach man many crafts and polluted humanity. When Jesus came to shed His blood and by His blood, the aliens were paralyzed and chained. The blood of Jesus sent them out of this planet, but now they are back for our doom. (Dan. 12:4)

What is the truth? The truth is that we are not ready for heaven. People only claim heaven but are far from it. Your anger and sinful attitude are traceable to your blood. The devil communicates with your flesh, and that is his weapon. The only way to be ready is to overcome yourself. You are a product of the earth (dust), that is worldly things are pleasant to you. The only thing not from the earth is the breath of God (Your Soul) which should return to God. Be determined to give up everything sinful. Fight your flesh, overcome yourself, before you fight the devil.

Are you a wise or foolish virgin? You can only be wise according to Prov. 1:7.
Wise Virgins
√ Had Extra Oil.
√Added oil when about to go off.
√ Were found ready at the arrival of the bridegroom.

Foolish Virgins
√ Lack of extra oil.
√ The lamp went off.
√ Were still preparing (not ready) when the bridegroom arrived.
The extra oil made the journey of the wise more difficult. Meaning; an extraordinary believer will face torture/persecution even from an ordinary believer. Your best is non-sense, go for extra oil if you must overcome the test of this time.

Features of Extra Oil
√ Ability to endure and remain holy till the end.
√ Ability to remain good when everything/anyone is wicked to you.
√ Ability to appear and dress godly and decent, not minding what people say.
√ Ability to die for the truth or live by it.
√ Ability to fight the flesh and overcome to please God.
√ Ability to reject every sinful way out or offer at a time of pressing need.
√ Ability to say no to the ideas of the flesh (sinful desires).
√ Ability to keep your virginity and sexual purity in this Sodom generation.
√ Ability to prefer dying or losing anything and not sin.
√ The ability to never allow anyone, anything, any word, or any situation to influence you to misbehave/commit sin.

Central Truth
Fight Your Sinful Nature and Overcome Your Self, So That You Can Be Rapturable.

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