BIBLE STUDY 27/06/2023

TOPIC: The Merciful Jesus Will Soon Become Your Judge
TEXT: 1Thess. 4: 3-8, 16-17

God keeps waiting and tolerating your weaknesses. But one day, his patience will be over. How much more tears do you want from Jesus? How much more disappointment do you still want to offer to Him? The love of God for sinners whom He gave grace to repent, expires after death. Your addiction to sin is your destruction. How can you claim to love God and to be in the Lord for years but still fall into what you have known to be a sin for several years? The merciful, caring, and loving Jesus will suddenly turn to your judge after your death.

The Healing Pills
1. Jesus the great physician has always offered you spiritual medication to get your spiritual wounds and ailment healed, but it is no longer working on you. The drug (Pill) for your cure is the word of God. You are so much used to the word of God now; that is why it does not work on you again. Formerly, you often cry each time you listen to the word of God. Then the word of God had a great influence on you that you would have no rest until you make the correction. But now, it does not have an effect on you. Sometimes, when the word of God comes so hard on you, instead of
taking immediate action, you now delay making corrections until you forget to make the corrections.
2. The nurse God has sent to care for and treat you is the preacher. Do you use the right dose for the medication they give you?
3. Jesus is not coming for everybody in the church but for every individual who uses God’s pills/words and gets healed.

Escaping The Wrath Of The Judge
1. Being a Christian or pastor does not save you from hell, the only power that overcomes hell is the ability to obey the word of God, even in pain.
2. Everybody has a particular measure of grace, do not misuse or exhaust your grace.
3. Stop re-employing the devil by going back to your sins and weaknesses.
4. If the drug is not working on you, then go for exercise – apply force on yourself to overcome the
spell of hell.
5. Do not take the merciful Jesus for granted because after death you will face His wrath for
misusing His grace.
6. Stop running from the shame or result of your sin, but avoid the sin itself.
If Jesus the merciful overlooks your sins now, Jesus the righteous judge will send you to hell after
death. Therefore, forsake all your sins, and do not focus on the errors of others while you overlook your
own weaknesses. Work on yourself by taking your healing pills (Obeying the word) before it is too

Central Truth

You Are Saying Jesus Loves You, Claiming He Overlooks Your Sins. If You Die Without. Forsaking Your Sins, He Will Stand To Judge You To Eternal Destruction Without