Dangers Of Sexual Immorality


 Is sex a trivial act? Uncover the hidden price associated with engaging in sex with the wrong person, indulging in improper practices, using unauthorized methods, and mistiming these intimate encounters. Delve into this mind-expanding book, where life-changing revelations await, illuminating the true impact of these choices.


It is unfortunate that many young, unmarried individuals engage in sexual activity due to the moral decay present in our society. Unaware of the imminent and inherent perils of sexual immorality, they indulge in a harmful feast that enslaves their souls in deep darkness. Is sex a mere ordinary act? Beyond the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and facing unplanned pregnancy, is there a cost associated with engaging in sex with the wrong person, engaging in improper sexual practices, engaging in unauthorized methods, or engaging in sex at inappropriate times? Explore the revelations of this thought-provoking and life-altering book to uncover the answers.

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